Our Nation Mission – Objective 2: Inspirational leaders working collaboratively to raise standards

  Within this third instalment of our blog series, Education Wales – Our National Mission 2017-2021, we will explore the second enabling objective of the National Mission, ‘inspirational leaders working collaboratively to raise standards’. Current reforms within the education sector require prepared and inspirational leaders who are able to lead their organisations through the necessary changes.…


Our National Mission – Objective 1: Developing a high-quality education profession 

This blog is the second in the series, Education Wales – Our National Mission 2017-2021. In this blog we will begin to delve into the first of the enabling objectives outlined in the National Mission, ‘Developing a high-quality education profession’. At Miller Research we understand that the quality of the whole system relies on the quality of its part…


Interim Review of the School Business Managers Pilot Project

Project Summary: About the School Business Manager Pilots The School Business Manager Pilot Project is underpinned by the need to provide expertise in non-teaching areas, reduce school leader workload, increase collaboration between schools and improve financial efficiency. Eleven Local Authorities are involved in the project, where clusters of Primary Schools have recruited a School Business… Details

National Academy of Educational Leadership Stakeholder Consultation

Project Summary: Miller Research, in partnership with Four Cymru, an integrated communications company, have been commissioned to undertake brand visioning and user testing to support the development of the National Academy of Educational Leadership. The aim is to produce a brand which conveys the vision and values of the Academy, whilst establishing the Academy as… Details

Evaluation of the Agile Nation 2 Programme

Project Summary: Miller Research have been appointed by Chwarae Teg; a charity ‘building a Wales where women achieve and prosper’, to evaluate their Agile Nation 2 programme. The programme aims to promote gender equality, confidence and aspiration amongst women and improve the position of women in the workforce. The programme comprises two strands, the Career… Details

Research into the barriers and drivers to participation of the Higher Level Teaching Assistant Scheme

Project Summary: The Higher Level Teaching Assistant scheme is a mechanism for supporting the professional development of Teaching Assistants, whilst raising standards of education practitioners across schools in Wales. The scheme works toward the development of a ‘high-quality education workforce’, an essential element of the National Mission. The Education Workforce Survey cites there is lack of… Details

Gaming Industry Research

Project Summary: Miller Research has been commissioned by the Welsh Government to undertake research into the current state of the gaming industry in Wales. The research aims to gain an in-depth knowledge of the gaming sector and inform support for future growth in the sector. Miller Research will undertake an online survey, telephone and face… Details