Evaluation of Skills Gateway for Business

About Skills Gateway for Business: Skills Gateway for Business is a branch of Business Wales and Welsh Government offering advice and signposting on skills, training and support for businesses in Wales. The Skills Gateway for Business service is offered through a website, the Business Wales helpline and a regional face to face service.   For… Details

Healthy Child Wales Programme

Project Summary: Miller Research was appointed in October 2017 by Welsh Government, Department of Health and Social Services to undertake a formative evaluation of the implementation of the Healthy Child Wales Programme (HCWP). The HCWP was launched in October 2016 to help children to develop healthy behaviours through their formative years and ensure they reach… Details

Overview of the General Qualifications Strategic Plan for Wales

The General Qualification Strategic Plan, published in July 2017 by Qualifications Wales, sets out the priorities for regulating general qualifications[1] over the next three years.   Focus Areas The plan outlined five focus areas; Securing standards Evaluating change Improving public understanding Increasing availability through the medium of Welsh Adopting an incremental approach to future changes Firstly, the…


Patch-based teams; revisiting past ways of working

Recently, Astrid and I attended a conference run by GAVO and TVA entitled ‘Great Expectations – Delivering the Vision for Health & Social Care in Wales’. I felt the title was very fitting. Society is putting our health and social care systems under more and more strain with an increasing ageing population, declining health and…


Animal Health Wales Eradicating Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) in Wales Programme Evaluation

Project Summary: Miller Research have been commissioned by Coleg Sir Gar Dairy Development Centre, in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), to evaluate the development of the eradication programme for three animal diseases. The partnership has designed the eradication programme to drive forward disease control, to support the strategic outcomes specified in the Wales… Details

Stakeholder Engagement about the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework

Project Summary: Animal Health and Welfare is essential for the environment and countryside in Wales. Welsh Government are responsible for the control and, where possible, the eradication of animal disease in Wales, to improve the health and welfare of our animals. The Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework was established in 2014 to raise standards… Details

Development of Clusters of Sarpo Potato Growers in Wales Evaluation

Project Summary:   The Sarvari Research Trust has successfully bred seven varieties of blight resistant potatoes, which span various cropping and culinary genres. In 2013, Sarpo Potatoes Ltd was established to be the trading arm of the Sarvari Research Trust. It has since been awarded funding from the Welsh Government Rural Development Programme (RDP), through… Details

Advanced Engineering and Materials Research Institute – AEMRI

Project Summary: Miller Research are delighted to have been commissioned by TWI to undertake the inception and mid-term evaluations of their AEMRI project. The inception evaluation will help to ensure the business and delivery plans are built on a foundation that should provide the expected outcomes and impacts. Furthermore, the process should help to ensure… Details