Master Craftsperson Recognition Scheme

Project Summary: In the summer of 2016, Miller Research was commissioned by Semta to undertake a study on the feasibility of adopting the Master Craftsperson recognition scheme in Wales. The scheme was aimed at the engineering and manufacturing sectors, although there is an option to roll out the scheme to other sectors if successful. Miller… Details

Costa Rica

Project Summary: Miller Research was commissioned by Four Communication to conduct some focus groups to test an advertising campaign for the Costa Rican Tourist Board. Conduced in Richmond, the focus groups focused on three concepts. The three focus groups each represented a targeted audience: Young adventurers: people going on holiday without children as a couple… Details

Undergraduate Year in Industry Pilot Programme

Project Summary: The Undergraduate Year in Industry (UGYI) pilot programme is a collaborative project between ICT companies, and universities - Cardiff University and the University of South Wales, and a small cohort of students studying at the participant universities. The project was designed and managed by the ESTnet. The programme aimed to involve 13 undergraduates,… Details