What We Do

Social and Economic Research

We have more than 15 years experience of conducting social and economic research for clients across England, Scotland and Wales. Key areas include basic skills and post-16 education, sectoral studies and local economies. We are particularly interested in understanding the barriers to effective cohesion in communities across the UK and this forms a growing area of work for the company. Social and economic sustainability forms an interesting area for us and we aim to build on our existing work in this field.


From high level programme evaluations to project based reviews, we deliver meaningful evaluations which build capacity, analyse performance and deliver effective, creative recommendations for future action. Our approach is based on creating informed and robust frameworks, combined with innovative ways of engaging and gathering information to help all stakeholders understand the value of their programmes and how they could be improved. We undertake comprehensive appraisals of best practice and qualitative assessments of how government policy impacts on people’s daily lives to ensure policies are being directed effectively and are meeting real needs.


Our consultancy work is broad based – ranging from town centre initiatives to develop distinctiveness through engagement processes to inform policy and improve competitiveness, to more specific support for business innovation. We have an excellent track record on feasibility studies and economic impact assessments for both public and private sector clients in a range of settings. Other work includes support for food festivals, cross-professional management of major regeneration projects and designing community funding packages.

How We Do It

Our methods

At Miller Research we ensure a high standard of both qualitative and quantitative research by conducting our work with a great level of rigour and integrity from start to finish.
We use a range of data gathering techniques, from face to face and telephone interviewing, through focus groups and workshops to telephone surveys and online. We offer digital touch screens for on-site surveys of service users or event participants and social media research is a growing area of expertise; in partnership with our sister company Blurrt Ltd.

Above all, our approach is user-friendly, accessible and focused on meaningful outcomes. Our staff are DBS checked and able to facilitate discussions with young people, vulnerable adults and marginalised groups.