Project Summary:

In the summer of 2016, Miller Research was commissioned by Semta to undertake a study on the feasibility of adopting the Master Craftsperson recognition scheme in Wales. The scheme was aimed at the engineering and manufacturing sectors, although there is an option to roll out the scheme to other sectors if successful. Miller Research were tasked with the aim of finding out if there is sufficient demand for the proposed Master Craftsperson scheme – and if there is demand, to gather intelligence from the industry that will help shape the proposal. To gather evidence, Miller Research designed an online survey which was distributed by Semta to the organisations in their footprint using existing contacts.

Master Craftspeople are highly trained technical managers with vocational accreditation. The high quality of vocational training required to achieve this accreditation (particularly in Germany) has led to an increase in demand for Master Craftspeople across the European Union. As a result, there is a proposal to develop a Master Craftsperson role recognition scheme in Wales (if there is a need for it!). The proposal being considered by Semta, ColegauCymru and the Welsh Government is for craftspeople (technicians and engineers) – with a number of years’ experience, to undertake training to achieve coaching and mentoring qualifications; so that they can provide support to new employees / apprentices.