Project Summary:

Miller Research have been commissioned by Coleg Sir Gar Dairy Development Centre, in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), to evaluate the development of the eradication programme for three animal diseases.

The partnership has designed the eradication programme to drive forward disease control, to support the strategic outcomes specified in the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group (WAHWF). These include;

  • Wales has healthy productive animals;
  • Animals in Wales have a good quality of life;
  • People trust and have confidence in the way food is produced and the way public health is protected;
  • Wales has a thriving rural economy;
  • Wales has a high quality environment.[1]

The three programme approach aligns well with the delivery principle ‘prevention is better than cure’ and would improve the long term resilience of the dairy and beef sector in Wales.

BVD has been selected as the first programme to refine the 2014 industry proposal to culminate in an application for funding to deliver a co-ordinated pan-Wales eradication programme.

The other two programmes will be selected in due course, following scoping and consultation with the industry. An industry paper will be written following the development of two strategic approaches for the selected diseases to focus on.

Miller Research will undertake the evaluation in three work packages which will cover the following:

  • The reporting system: To assess the programme monitoring and reporting system/s.
  • A process evaluation: To evaluate programme implementation, processes and progress against targets.
  • An outcome evaluation: To evaluate the outcomes of the programme.

The focus of the evaluation will be on ensuring that all steps have been taken to guarantee that the most effective and impactful approach has been taken to improve the health of Welsh livestock and, consequently, the economic performance of the agricultural sector in Wales.



Coleg Sir Gar in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College