Project Summary:

Miller Research was commissioned by Four Communication to conduct some focus groups to test an advertising campaign for the Costa Rican Tourist Board. Conduced in Richmond, the focus groups focused on three concepts. The three focus groups each represented a targeted audience:

  1. Young adventurers: people going on holiday without children as a couple or with friends
  2. Families: people going on holiday with children
  3. Silver Surfer: people going on holiday as a couple or with friend, with or without non-dependent (adult) children

The groups were conducted in Richmond (outside of London).

The three concepts had six executions. They were presented to the participants one by one.

The aim of the research was to determine which campaign provides the best representation of the country, is most attractive for potential holiday goers and relevant to Costa Rica.

Our findings suggested that knowledge about Costa Rica can be limited, in terms of location, culture and type of activities offered. Also it is not a common destination for British holiday goers, even among those who have travelled extensively. Despite this, upon receiving information about the destination and seeing pictures of the flora, fauna, and sceneries, the participants were seduced by Costa Rica.

In terms of what qualities of Costa Rica the participants found most attractive, the research showed that the rain forest, rare exotic animals and the promise of a beautiful beach with a link to coffee and the country’s culture would be enough to tempt our participants to consider it as their next long haul holiday.


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