Research and policy development in the education and skills sector is of fundamental importance to modern society, particularly given the economic challenges currently facing Wales and the UK. Miller Research has carried out contracts on behalf of the Department for Education of the Welsh Government, and its predecessors, for over 15 years and our education experts have led some of the most innovative research in recent years in Wales, both independently and in partnership with a broad range of consultants and higher Education Institutions. Key examples include:

  • The five-year evaluation of Words Talk, Numbers Count, where we lead a consortium of five other consultancies and academics on a formative and summative evaluation of the overall impact of the all-age Basic Skills Strategy for Wales;
  • The 2010 survey of adult skills in Wales, where we partnered TNS-BMRB on a survey of 3,000 adults in Wales, to provide the most recent national data-set on adult English and Wales literacy and numeracy skills in Wales since 2004;
  • A Review of Governing Body Clerks in Wales, which was a piece of innovative research, stemming from a recommendation from the Enterprise and Learning Committee of the National Assembly for Wales in 2009, into the wide variation in clerking arrangements in Wales and the role and future support needs of Governing Body clerks;
  • Primary research with pupils, pupils, teachers, parents and governors from Primary, Secondary and Special schools into knowledge and understanding of the ‘Pupil Participation’ agenda, and existing level of commitment within schools to facilitating and encouraging pupils to become involved in decision making and to voice their opinions in school.

Our experience in the education sector ranges from Early Years (Language and Play/Number and Play, Flying First), though all Key Stages and into Further Education, Higher Education, Work-based Learning and Adult Community Education. We have worked with all local authority education departments in Wales on quantitative and qualitative research undertakings and have a profound understanding of the education agenda in Wales under the current Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews.