Project Summary:

The ABUHB are implementing the Choosing Wisely campaign in the Gwent area. The project is to launch 5 leaflets (for the following areas: varicose veins, bunions, imaging for low back pain, imaging for headaches and haemorrhoids) to be used by GPs to facilitate the conversation between patients and GPs for the former to make informed decision about their conditions.

The long term aim is to reduce unnecessary test and potential harmful procedures as well has giving some ownership to the patients about their healthcare.

Research will show if the leaflets are being used, if their usage have improved the consultation outcomes, if patients are taking ownership of their healthcare and if they are taking action.

The data will be collected by using a number of methodologies, quantitative and qualitative. GPs and patients will be asked to completed questionnaires and in-depth telephone interviews. Data collection will be repeated following implementation.


Aneurin Bevan University Health Board