Project Summary:

Miller Research have been appointed by Cadwyn Clwyd Cyfyngedig (a Rural Development Agency working in Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham) to conduct the evaluation of the Smarter Energy Project between 2017 and October 2019.

About the Smarter Energy Project

The Smarter Energy Project is funded through the Co-operation and Supply Chain Scheme of the Rural Development Plan for Wales. The Smart Energy Project Manager will work with partner organisations (including Severn Wye Energy Agency, the Green Valleys project, PLANED and Scottish Power Energy Network) to explore the feasibility of smart energy grids in rural Wales, including generation, storage, direct supply, monitoring and controls. The feasibility studies will aim to identify new models of renewable energy generation and transmission that increase the viability of such schemes in rural Wales, whilst also providing community benefits.

About our Evaluation

Miller Research will undertake a two-stage evaluation:

  • The Baseline Evaluation ­– to be conducted in 2017 – will focus on the development of a robust evaluation framework, which will identify indicators that enable us to assess the full impact of the project. As part of this process, a Theory of Change Logic Model and Baseline Report will be produced.
  • The Final Evaluation – to be conducted in 2019 – will involve the production of case studies of some of the projects about which feasibility studies were produced, engagement with unsuccessful applicants to the Project, and the production of a Final Report.

For further information about the Evaluation or the Smarter Energy Project, contact the Miller Research Project Manager Susie Stevenson at


Cadwyn Clwyd Rural Development Agency