Miller Research offers a long track record in social care and more recently, the health sector. Whilst many of our research, engagement and evaluation processes are applicable in health and social care, we are highly aware of the sensitive nature of much of the work in this area and have taken steps to ensure that our procedures meet the needs of service users, commissioners and providers alike.

Our association with social care spans more than 15 years and we have undertaken challenging work in areas such as refining and facilitating consensus on approved workforce qualifications for the sector, linking them to occupational standards and quality assurance requirements. More recently we have conducted audits of training supply, skills research and specialist enquiries into the needs of service users in receipt of direct payment, for example.
Our work in the health sector includes working with Public Health Wales on a process evaluation of a pilot programme to test quality and outcome-based approaches to financing dentistry. Other work has bridged the divide between health, social care and housing; for example:

  • We recently undertook a review of management and governance arrangements for the Supporting People programme, a £130m programme to support those at risk of homelessness.
  • We are currently evaluating the In One Place programme – aimed at reducing costs in the health service whilst improving provision for service users with a continuing health care need through collaboration and assets sharing between local health boards, social care providers and housing associations.