Project Summary:

Miller Research was appointed in October 2017 by Welsh Government, Department of Health and Social Services to undertake a formative evaluation of the implementation of the Healthy Child Wales Programme (HCWP).

The HCWP was launched in October 2016 to help children to develop healthy behaviours through their formative years and ensure they reach their key developmental milestones. There are three elements to the programme; universal services offered to all; enhanced and intensive services offered to families based on needs. The services delivered by health visitors at scheduled contacts points comprised immunisations, screening, and monitoring and child development.

The approach chosen for the evaluation is qualitative. The Programme has been in place for a year, thus the Miller Research team will be able to draw insight from interviews with members of the Board and use it to draw an Evaluation Framework. The fieldwork will involve in-depth face to face interviews with stakeholders from executive and professional leads to delivery teams, e.g. health visitors, midwives, school nurses and Specialist Community Public Health Services.

The report will highlight the gaps and differences in implementation across the Health Boards; the successes and the challenges faced by the delivery teams.



Welsh Government, Department of Health and Social Services