We have been carrying out sector specific research for a range of public sector clients for the past 10 years and have developed a strong set of research capabilities. Our sector based research portfolio is diverse and includes research in the electronics industry, tourism and hospitality, construction, health, waste management, the creative media industry, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail. Recently, we have developed a niche in food and drink research which we see as a common theme that cuts across many of the sectors we have worked in previously.

Each sector that we have worked in has brought different challenges and this has equipped us with flexible and innovative approaches to research. From interviewing farmers at the field gate to chief executives of multi-national organisations in the board room, we have tried and tested tools and techniques that ensure we get the best result. We believe that the most effective approach to research is achieved by understanding the needs of the interviewees and by meeting them in an environment they are comfortable with. We have considerable experience of engaging with industry employees across the entire spectrum of occupational standards, from lower level unskilled employees to highly skilled professionals and we always tailor our approach to build a personable relationship.

Our research techniques include the management of large scale quantitative surveys, focus group and workshop facilitation, and one-to-one interviewing. All carried out through a variety of mediums which has included the use of both modern and traditional tools. We have used social media, touch-screens and online surveys as well as using slate to write on in workshops, turf to map issues in public meetings and various other techniques targeted to the audience. By honing the transferable skills we have gained from our work across the diverse range of sectors over the years, we offer a team that is capable of working effectively in any sector, to a high standard and with a personable touch.