Project Summary:

About the School Business Manager Pilots

The School Business Manager Pilot Project is underpinned by the need to provide expertise in non-teaching areas, reduce school leader workload, increase collaboration between schools and improve financial efficiency. Eleven Local Authorities are involved in the project, where clusters of Primary Schools have recruited a School Business Manager.

The dedicated support provided to leaders and teachers by the School Business Manager allows leaders to better focus on raising standards, a key aim of the National Mission (Objective 2).

In support of national commitment “to sharing research evidence and effective practice across the system” (Objective 4), Miller Research will be creating a best practice guide alongside the Interim Review.

About Our Interim Review

Initially, a desk-based review of Local Authority applications and the first progress monitoring reports will indicate the structure of each School Business Manager cluster. The second stage will consist of a number of qualitative engagements in the form of case study days and telephone interviews. In each of the eleven Local Authorities the School Business manager, their lead and associated head teachers and chair of governors will be interviewed. Furthermore, a survey will be utilised to obtain additional information from head teachers and governors who were unable to participate in the qualitative fieldwork.

Client: Welsh Government