As a core part of our business, we are proficient evaluators of public sector programmes with a strong set of skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis. To ensure public money is directed in the right way and tangible outcomes are delivered we undertake thorough interrogation of management and monitoring data, ensuring dialogue with a broad cross-section of stakeholders and beneficiaries. This ensures that our reporting provides practical and informed recommendations for operational and strategic delivery and fit with the respective policy context.
We work for the Welsh Assembly Government, local authorities and rural development partnerships in sectors that cover education, social care, agriculture and rural programmes, physical regeneration and planning amongst others.

As well as using established evaluation skills, we also have access to innovative resources which aid respondent take-up rates and smarter monitoring of programmes. This includes on-line survey tools, web-site dissemination, touch screen technology as well as excellent face to face interview skills and focus group facilitation.