Project Summary:
Miller Research were commissioned by a consortia of four Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) – namely Lantra, Improve, Skillsmart Retail and People 1st, to undertake an analysis of the supply and demand for education and training across the food and drink supply chain in Wales. The research aimed to identify skills needs in each of the sectors which make up the supply chain. In particular, the research aimed to identify cross-sectoral skills, i.e. skills that were common across several sectors. The methodology included a large scale quantitative survey of nearly 2,000 businesses in Wales to identify skills needs, issues around training, and key drivers affecting skills provision in the supply chain. A series of in-depth qualitative workshops, focus groups and face-to-face interviews with industry stakeholders, employers, learners and training providers was also undertaken.  In addition, a supply of learning provision analysis was carried out which identified gaps between existing provision and the current skills needs of the supply chain.  Using the data gathered during the research, forecasts of expected demand for provision were established to inform future training provision.  The findings were particularly important for the SSCs in determining actions to address skills needs in the supply chain.




Skillsmart Retail

People 1s


Identifying a need for skills training