Project Summary:

Since the Spring of 2015 Miller Research have been working in partnership with ESTnet, the electronics and technology network for Wales on an exciting research project to understand the current performance of the ICT sector in Wales. The research – which includes detailed interviews with around 300 companies in Wales as well as the collation of a database of key details of more than 3,000 companies, aims to identify the strengths of the Welsh ICT sector as well as areas for potential development in the context of a rapidly changing global technology industry.

The research will establish a robust evidence base which it is expected to be used by the Welsh Government and other policy makers to target support and assistance to Wales’ ICT sector so that it can capitalise on areas of strength, and so that it can attract the right workers to ensure it can successfully compete in the global market.

Key findings are expected to be published in the early part of 2016. Check the Miller news and blog pages to be kept up to date with the research.


The ESTnet