Project Summary:

In early 2016 Miller Research was commissioned by Swansea Carers Centre to research the views of carers on respite care services.  The centre is interested in creating a paid-for respite care service for those local to the Swansea area. The research aimed to explore the views of carers on the current domiciliary and respite care landscape and their potential future use of domiciliary and respite care services.

The research comprised an online survey. The survey was distributed to carers in the Swansea area through the Carers Centre mailing list, consisting of those who had engaged with the centre previously. The achieved response rate of over 20% of the mailing list, was a good and representative sample size.

Generally, the creation of a respite care service seemed suitable. The carer’s decisions to access respite care in the future are influenced by a number of factors including affordability, the quality of the service and the opinion of the person for whom they care.


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