Project Summary:

The Undergraduate Year in Industry (UGYI) pilot programme is a collaborative project between ICT companies, and universities – Cardiff University and the University of South Wales, and a small cohort of students studying at the participant universities. The project was designed and managed by the ESTnet. The programme aimed to involve 13 undergraduates, studying electronic engineering and computer science, to increase the number of “work-ready” graduates for the Welsh ICT sector. In order to compete within the ICT sector the ESTnet are aware that Wales needs to recruit, train and retain the highest quality graduates. A significant number of businesses within Wales are SMEs and microbusinesses and it is known that the investment necessary to take on staff can be prohibitive.

The evaluation of the UGYI programme will be completed in 2 stages, a mid-term and a final evaluation. The mid-term and final evaluations have identified the strengths and weaknesses of the project and considered ways in which the pilot programme could be improved. The information obtained has been used to improve the quality of delivery and inform future funding options.

In short, the evaluation comprised analysis of the project documentation, fieldwork and the production of an evaluation report. Following a networking event nine telephone interviews were completed. The participants included students, employers, the programme manager, a university course coordinator and the ILM trainer.

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